Haas Brush Set Black/Dark Bay

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Contains the following Brushes

Haas Parcour Brush - This brush is made from a mixture of grey and black horse hair. The combination of these bristles creates a superior cleaning result. Wood look back with leather hand strap.

Haas Lipizzaner Brush - Strong, shorter horsehair bristles in the centre surrounded by longer black bristles. Useful for black and dark bay coats, which can produce more oils. Wooden back with leather hand strap.

Haas Cavaliere Brush - Exclusive horse hair brush with slightly longer outer bristles for excellent grooming results, leather hand strap.

Haas 'Fellglanz' Soft Horse Hair Brush - Brush with white soft horse hair, leather strap, for extra shiny results.

Haas Diva Exklusiv Brush - Lambskin from Matthes surrounded by a rim of horse hair for a perfect shiny look, black laquered back and leather hand strap.

All 200 x 85 mm

Comes in a clear drawstring bag